- Privacy Policy -

CGM IT SERVICES LLC is also referred to as "CGM", "we", "us", "our" in these conditions. A private or a legal entity using our services is referred to as the "Customer" and is also termed "you", "your" within these conditions.

1. We do not use any Cookies, unique ETAGs, unique LocalStorage identifiers, unique IndexedDB identifiers, unique URL identifiers, or any other means of tracking visitors and their activity and behavior.
We do not keep any automatically received information about the visitors such as IP address or User-Agent (Web Browser name and version, Operating System name and version)

2. We keep the private information about the Customers confidential and will not disclose it to the third parties except where it is required by the law of Belize, or is pre-approved by the Customer, such as when providing a copy of an invoice to our payment processor for compliance and payment acception purposes.

3. All information about the Customers is securely stored on an encrypted billing server, and transferred between our staff (if necessary) only via encrypted communication channels. The accounting information will be retained for 5 more years after the contract termination date as required by the law, then securely erased.

4. All information regarding the services such as software development or consulting is stored for 3 more months after the contract termination date, then securely erased from the billing server and our staff computers.

5. We do not make nor keep any backups of the data stored on the servers rented by the Customers.

6. All the necessary information regarding the rented server such as OS login credentials or encryption passphrases is being kept only until we pass that information to the Customer. After that the credentials are securely erased from the billing server and staff computers. No data could be recovered afterwards if the Customer loses the encryption passphrases.
The initial BIOS password and IPMI credentials of the ordered servers are being kept, securely stored on an encrypted billing server. The Customer is allowed to change the BIOS and/or IPMI credentials of the rented servers, but must change them back to the initial when the rental contract ends.

last edition: 07 January 2023